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Outdoor Excellence Since 2012

Pennine Bushcraft was created with a simple goal; to share the joys of outdoor learning with as many people as possible.
We believed then, as we still do now, that the only way to change attitudes to the outdoors, is to fully immerse oneself in the environment. 
Since then, we have worked with schools, youth groups, private companies and the wider public, to show that the best things happen to us when we're outdoors, and that we can be just as much a part of the environment as the birds, trees and flowers around us.
Through bushcraft and nature education, we learn to coexist with nature and to harness her power and energy. Only then can we truly respect and protect our wild places.

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Founder and Lead Instructor

As a small boy, Josh was introduced to the natural world by his dad, who taught him how to recognise trees by their bark, and birds by their calls. As a teenager he began to practise bushcraft in the garden, building fires, camping out and building traps for rats and mice.

Following formal studies, Josh trained in Bushcraft Leadership at The Woodcraft School, under the tutelage of John Rhyder. After working as a freelance outdoor advisor, Josh founded Pennine Bushcraft in 2012 with his wife, Liane.

Josh's greatest strengths are his sense of humour, his ability to think on his feet and his belief that every problem has a solution.



Founder and Company Secretary

Liane met Josh at University, and everything pretty much went downhill from there.

After formal study in American Theatre Arts, she went on to qualify as a primary school teacher. In 2012 she followed Josh into outdoor education, and together they launched Pennine Bushcraft.

Liane is the engine behind PB, driving the company to new and exciting places. A powerful positive thinker, Liane loves to travel, experience new cultures and plan adventures.

Her greatest strengths are her indomitable sense of humour, infectious smile, positive attitude and tireless generosity of spirit.

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